Make a corporate video

  • What do you want your video to achieve?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How does it fit into the rest of your marketing strategy?

If you’re new to producing a corporate or promotional video it can seem daunting but we keep our production process simple and jargon free from the start.

We listen to your needs and work to understand your organization and its goals for the production.

Once we’ve devised a plan together we make sure that it includes plenty of opportunities for you to sign off on the projects content and direction at each stage of production – so you end up with exactly the video that you want and need.

We’re happy to talk things through with potential clients, share ideas and give guidance about any aspect of the filmmaking process and we’ve put together a free straightforward guide to things you might want to think about when commissioning a video. You can download it below.

We’ve got access to action cameras, high speed cameras, drones, 4k, tracks, jibs, actors, presenters, voiceover, translation, motion graphics, music libraries all the bells and whistles of production – if you need it we can get it.

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