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Let us introduce ourselves

Main Media was founded by Ben in 2009, initially to deliver post-production and edit services. Then in response to customer demand, we became a video production company too. With almost twenty-five years of edit and production experience across genres from broadcast documentary to promo, these creative experiences provided a firm foundation for what we do today.

We expanded, with Gina joining in 2020 bringing her enthusiasm from her TV and Film Production Degree and most recently with our newest team member Aaron, who’s responsible for our social media and on-set production assisting. We are a close team that has complementary elements, a range of skills and a love of production, that enables us to deliver the best content we can. Together we work to bring your ideas to life.

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About Me :

Aaron serves as our dynamic junior content producer, managing social media and assisting with production tasks with enthusiasm.



About Me :

Ben is our founder and creative director. Leading the team, planning projects, sharing direction and producer duties.



About Me :

Gina is our content producer and in-house editor, planning and organising productions, seeing them through from pre- to post-production.

  • An idea

    We want to hear from you! Knowing where to start in the video production journey can feel daunting so let’s talk about it. Your idea, big or small is where it starts. We want to learn about you and your organisation, your goals and what you need from your content. Film is a collaborative process and at Main Media we want to be sure we take that time to guide you through it and ensure the right approach for you on your creative journey.

  • Production

    This is where the project gathers momentum. Filming is the most hands on and exciting part; watching those shared ideas and plans evolve and come to fruition. We pair creativity with top end equipment and experienced professionals to deliver the highest quality product we can for you.

  • Post-Production

    The final step before delivery, the joining of the puzzle pieces. Good editing is the secret to effective content. Structure, story, sound design and grade. We include you in every step of the way with frequent updates and review points as we shape your film.

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