Video production services

Get a glimpse of foster care with Shopna's story from Action for Children


Interviewing  someone who is not used to being in front of the camera can often be a scary prospect for them. But we always try our best to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible! It may be difficult to ignore the camera, but our amazing Interrotron system allows our interviewee and interviewer to have a meaningful conversation without the hassle of saying ‘can you look at the camera please?’ As a one-way mirror conceals the lens.

Speaking directly to camera  enables a powerful connection between the interviewee and the audience. As the viewer, this really puts us in touch with the subject and we feel more engaged and more drawn in as they speak to us.

And you can really feel this in the content with our foster carer Shopna. Hearing her experiences and reasons for becoming a foster carer were very moving, especially when combined with visuals of fun, relatable activities that her and her daughter usually like to engage in. This enabled us to capture their relationship between Shopna and her daughter, and perhaps show how that plays an integral part in her fostering abilities.