Video production services

How can you make an informative campaign video with animation?

We created this animation for UNICEF International Safeguards for Children in Sport, which is part of a series of 4 animations for different sports, including Tennis, Skiing, Netball and Rugby. 

To begin with, we developed scripts for each animation, making sure the client was happy with how the narrative was portrayed. In this case, we wanted to showcase how athletes can be affected by physical and verbal abuse in sport.

An animation can only come to life once a storyboard is designed and the characters are fully developed, so following script sign off we created character design for each film. These designs allow you and your client to visualise the scripts and once they are signed off, an animatic is created which further refines that process. Here we begin to see the movement of the characters and how they work with the narrative. We make sure we are refining the client’s ideas by constantly checking that we’re staying within the initial guidelines.

Once we have the animatics approved, we then work on voiceover records and sound design. As this animation is set in a tennis club in a rural area, we included sound effects such as suburban park ambience, tennis ball hits and subtle whooshes. These really help in bringing the animation to life and giving it depth. They’re powerful tools to enhance the actions and movements of the characters, which further creates an engaging experience for the target audience.