Video production services

Get a glimpse of the Herd In The City trail and Hockley Primary School's journey with the Learning Programme!

We created this film to promote Havens Hospices’ Learning Programme for their Herd In The City art trail. This year we were incredibly grateful to be one of their sponsors and were really keen to support the trail. It was a great way for us to engage socially with the event and enabled many connections with people and businesses within the community.  

To create this documentary style film, we visited various events set up by Havens Hospices and filmed b-roll and interview footage with people involved, from sponsors and partner businesses to young children from primary schools. 

Documentaries are a great way to educate and raise awareness on many different issues. They can highlight certain topics in an engaging way and help charities promote the work that they do. It’s important that the visual storytelling in the film is strong, where the b-roll matches the dialogue. This really helps drive the narrative and communicates the brand message to the viewer. We made sure to have a wide range of b-roll from their events, alongside many interactions and interviews with the children painting their elephant.    

Music is also an essential part of documentary films as it helps drive the narrative. As the main focus of this film was to showcase how young people can express their creativity through art, we used an up-beat soundtrack to emphasise the actions of the children, ultimately complimenting the tone of the film. This attention to detail helps the audience feel something when they’re watching it. Music should enhance the feeling and emotion, but not overpower it.