Why is post-production important? How can we help create an effective film for your audience?

Why is post-production important and how can it impact your film?

Post-production is a crucial step in the filmmaking process. It involves editing the footage and assembling the final product. It can enhance the mood, tone of the film and overall story so that your film can impact your audience. Really great editing is often almost invisible and something you feel rather than watch – yet consider every on-screen moment is the result of a decision-making process that impacts your emotional response. 

Here are some key things we do to make post-production as smooth as possible!


1. Video Assembling

First and foremost, structure is key, once the structure is determined, supporting footage sequences will cover dialogue cuts or voiceover. They’ll also make sure the whole film flows, and that your aim and overall message for the film is clearly conveyed. By cleaning up performance and delivery and pacing cuts, graphics, and transitions, we’re able to control the speed of the film and its impact. Once we reach picture lock, the edit can then move into sound design. 

2. Sound Design & Music 

Sound design and music in films bring the pictures to life. They are powerful tools that help evoke emotion and create an engaging immersive experience for your audience. Throughout our edits we spot effects and atmosphere tracks to complement pictures. We also make sure to pick music composition that will match the overall moods and developing tone of your narrative. 

3. Audio Mixing

The main goal when audio mixing is to make sure that all the sound effects, dialogue and music are as seamless as possible. This is where each audio file can be adjusted to sound clear and crisp and balanced against other sound element. Without this, sudden audio level changes can often be obvious and disruptive, in general people tolerate bad pictures more readily than bad audio so getting the mix right is crucial. 

4. Colour Grading

Colour grading is a necessity in post-production as it helps achieve a desire aesthetic or mood, as well as ensuring visual consistency. Creating a specific look for your film is important to enhance the story, by manipulating colours in certain scenes can help reflect the emotional tone. Whatever mood you are aiming for, we make sure that your film will have the best colour grade possible. 


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