Two camera men using an ARRI camera, conducting video production services for a client, for a TV ad

How do we bring a client's vision to life?

Hard work, biscuits, and positive vibes! 

One of the things we really enjoy about working on projects like this shoot for Capstone Foster Care, is being able to see the production come to life and evolve, from pre-production right through to post-production and finishing. The key to getting everything right is pre-production, pre-production and more pre-production! This ensures everything runs smoothly, from scripting and storyboarding to shot listing and scheduling. This, plus being organised on set with achievable daily goals, means you can stay on time, on budget and deliver the best value for the client. Combine that with a team full of talented people, who are able to take care of individual departments and concentrate on delivering their part of the project effectively and you’ve got a recipe for production success. 

This two-day shoot produced a wealth of outputs for the client, a thirty second TV spot, plus longer social versions formatted for key platforms plus stills for use in print and on the client’s website.

Everyone worked extremely hard on this project, and we’re delighted to give you an insight into how we bring a client’s vision to life!