How to make a documentary that impacts your audience.

How can your organisation create a documentary that will impact your audience?

Documentaries educate, raise awareness and change opinions on many different issues. They can highlight important topics in a captivating way and help companies to promote and give an insight into the work they do.

Here's how you can make a documentary that will impact your audience with some key elements.

1. Research

Research is essential to developing the key concepts of a documentary film. It helps to understand why you want to make the documentary, what your core message is and how you want to convey this to your audience.

2. Interviews 

When deciding on your interview set up, consider the message of the film and what kind of tone represents your organisation. Here are some questions to think about when planning the interviews:

  • Who is the interview subject?
  • What kind of message do we want to convey to our audience?
  • How do we want our audience to feel?
  • Why have we chosen this particular person to be interviewed?

3. B-roll

Visual storytelling is important in all types of film. With documentaries, it’s important to shoot b-roll that will match the dialogue from the interview, to drive the narrative and communicate your brand message to the viewer. Show, don't tell! It's about the action - show your audience your story, rather than telling them these elements. 

4. Music

Music is essential in driving the storyline. It can be used to emphasise an action, but should also compliment the tone of your film. This attention to detail will help your viewer feel something when they watch your documentary. It should enhance the feeling and emotion, but not overpower it. 


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