Behind the scene photographs from video production

Recruiting? Well what works better than hearing from real-life workers about their job? These promotional films showcase what these employees love about their jobs, and why more social workers should join the local authority in Southend.


We may be biased towards film, but we think it’s the best way to advertise and recruit for jobs. There’s no better way to set the scene than with attention-grabbing visuals, especially when the location is sunny Southend!

Making films that are centred around people can add so much character to a video. That’s why we found it so important to focus on Chipo and Darren, who are real-life practitioners in social care. Getting a feel for why they enjoy their jobs and what the area has to offer really promotes the commissioning organisation.

We combined interview footage with matching relevant visuals, aiming to capture the personality of each participant. We visited many locations including the high street, art galleries, Belfairs woods, had ice cream at the seafront and even caught a home game at Southend United.


So next time you want to show off your business, why not include some familiar friendly faces and let your audience see what a wonderful team they could be joining?