Video production services

Is training limited to PowerPoints and documents? The answer is no! The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists show how video can be used to bring staff training to life.

After spending four years on a research project funded by the Department of Health which aims to cut rates of infant mortality in obstetric care, the RCOG came to us to create three original dramas to explore how practitioners could address the challenges in their workplace.

Never underestimate the power of pre-production, especially in a narrative scenario. The scripting process for each of these films was really key in making each scenario feel real and engaging for the audience and  using our client’s expertise and advice was crucial in making sure the content would be accurate. We could have used smoke and mirrors to (or in this case scrubs and fake bellies) to fool a normal audience, but when you are making a film with the purpose of training and exclusive viewing of medical practitioners, the content must be correct so having client representatives on set was vital.

In February 2022, we spent four days at The Hospital Location in West London Film Studios. A project consisting of 10 crew, 14 cast and three shooting scripts. Having such a large cast all involved in multiple scenes meant we needed to capture a wide range of reactions, so we made the decision to utilise a multi-camera set up. Not only this, we set up an external viewing monitor for our clients, with a live feed to the action, to enable effective clinical oversight.

In a big project like this, there is an extensive list of elements to plan to make the production go smoothly. It may all start with an idea, but to develop that from paper to video is a collaborative process. We engage our clients at every stage to ensure everything is runs according to expectation, timescale, and budget.

It's safe to say that through all the multiple script iterations, storyboards, casting, location scouting prop hunting and snack-eating, we really think the films are aesthetically pleasing, reflect real life situations and will fulfil their purpose in aiding many medical practitioners with their communication skills in the workplace.