Behind the scenes of video production

Looking at the excitement of Southend's new city status through video, working for Southend Borough Council.


18 locations, 5 shoot days, a 3-week timescale and 1 production company, all culminating in a video to celebrate Southend’s new city status.

This was a real inspiring job to be a part of. Being based in Southend and given the opportunity to help celebrate the change in Southend’s status was a great achievement for the business!

We set out to showcase the diversity of what our hometown has to offer whilst simultaneously expressing a real sense of excitement in the possibilities for the future of Southend City. Working to a tight time schedule, we met individuals and interviewed numerous organisations across the borough. Throughout the project we tried to stay away from the obvious, revealing communities and aspects of life here which might not have been immediately apparent.

Heading to four or five locations across each shoot day kept us very busy but gave us lots of visual content to play with to complement the opinions expressed.

The projected culminated  in the video being played at the official letters patent ceremony and The  (as they were then) Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, getting to see the film showcasing the wonderful place Southend is. We hope they liked it…